Free, high-quality legal help for serious situations

Free, high-quality legal help for injuries & accidents

Need legal help but not sure where to turn or whom to trust? Atticus analyzes your situation to show you your options, recommend the best approach, and match you with the right lawyer.

Atticus puts you in charge

1You tell us your situation

Share what's going on in less than 5 minutes, using our simple-yet-powerful online system. No legal jargon required.

2We explain your options

A real lawyer reviews your case and shares our analysis and recommended approach. We show you all your options, from top-tier lawyers to free services, and help you choose the one that's right for you.

3You get connected to the right help

Whatever approach you select, we guide you through every step. If you need a lawyer, we work within your needs, goals, and budget to find you the best.

Find the help that's right for you

Serious case? Our specialty is finding great lawyers

From hundreds of different types and thousands of options, we'll help you find a talented and ethical one who fits your budget.

Simple case? Discover fast and low cost alternatives

Some clients are surprised to learn they don't need a lawyer. We connect them with alternatives: online services that generate legal documents or resolve disputes, local self-help resources, and DIY guides.

Qualify for free aid? Find out and get in.

Thousands of nonprofits offer no-cost help, but many clients struggle to figure out which serve their needs and whether they qualify. We do the work for you and tell you where to go.

Why we're different

Powered by real lawyers

Atticus is designed and led by licensed lawyers, which means we can give you genuine legal advice tailored to your case. Others can't.

Built for tough cases

We thrive helping people whose situations require specialized or top-caliber help that few lawyers offer. Services aimed at simple cases can't handle these; we can.

All about choice

We'll always give you multiple options. Though we often recommend one approach, at the end of the day it's your call. Our job is to empower you to make it.