Frequently Asked Questions | Atticus


Got Questions? Get Answers.

Too often, the process of finding legal help is slapdash, opaque, and stressful. At Atticus, we take pride in making everything clear and straightforward for our clients — starting with how we work.

The Basics

What is Atticus?

We often describe ourselves as the legal equivalent of an emergency room (or a primary care doctor) — a place you can turn for help with any serious legal need when it first starts.

What will Atticus do for me?

We’ll get you on the path to solving your legal issue, and find you the right lawyer to take you to the finish line.

1. We’ll answer your questions, and share our advice. An Atticus staff lawyer will listen carefully, diagnose your legal issues, then explain your options and help you chart a course forward.

2. We’ll match you with the right lawyer (or other legal help). Our team will search far and wide to find the best lawyers for your distinct situation. We’ll vet them for quality and pricing, and help you choose the right one.

The Process

Can you help me with my specific legal need?

Usually, yes! We handle matters in almost every area of law, and we serve clients across the United States. We don’t serve businesses (only individuals), and we don’t help with minor problems or one-off questions (only serious issues). But if you’re facing a personal legal challenge, we’re here for you and ready to help.