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About Us

We're on a mission to provide everyone with access to high-quality legal help.

Our namesake is Atticus Finch, America’s most famous fictional lawyer. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, he ran a small-town law practice with a big heart. Anyone in town could come to him with any kind of legal problem, and he’d give them sound advice and whatever help they needed — regardless of their ability to pay.

Every American deserves access to a lawyer like Atticus. But for most of us, they exist only in fiction. So we’re building a modern-day substitute, combining new technology with old-school lawyering to create a place anyone can come for trusted legal help.

Today, even the savviest consumers are at sea when it comes to legal services. In a crisis, most people know they need legal help, and fast. But whether to hire a lawyer, which one to choose, or how much to pay? With hundreds of legal specialties, thousands of options, and few unbiased places to turn for advice, it’s next to impossible for most people to make the right call.

Far too many stop trying. Faced with options that seem untrustworthy, confusing, and expensive, they give up — and never get the help they need. Others end up in the wrong place: they try to handle things themselves that desperately need lawyers, or spend huge amounts of money on lawyers for issues they could easily have handled themselves.

We’re here to change that. Atticus is the first of its kind: a single place that anyone with a serious legal need can turn to for trusted help. We analyze your case for free to figure out whether you need professional assistance, and if so what kind — then pore through options to connect you with the right person or service for your situation.

We know that access to high-quality legal help can make all the difference. It keeps innocent people out of jail. Lets good parents keep custody of their children. Gets compensation for victims, and forces wrongdoers to bear the cost of their actions. Our vision is a world where anyone can find the help they need to get justice. We’re building toward it one step at a time.

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